Urban plans for an ideal holiday in September

Just like July and August are the ideal months for a holiday experience firmly planted by the beach, September is the best time of year to enjoy a holiday where beach plans and city plans share the holiday time available in equal measures. Considering the excellent temperature that prevails this time of year, why not enjoy some time off filled with a thousand and one different plans?

There are as many types of traveller as there are ways of travelling (and yes, there are lots), so this month we’ve opted for two destinations that are perfect for those who have chosen the month of September to get away from the hustle and bustle. Those two destinations are Madrid and Barcelona.

Urban plans in Madrid

If there’s a place to lose yourself and find yourself again a thousand and one times, without a doubt it’s Madrid. The capital city of Spain, with hotels like Petit Palace Triball is where to enjoy a dream holiday filled with extras; it’s a place that offers a million urban plans that go much further than just a visit to the Retiro park or to one of he many museums on offer.
Let yourself be tempted by the aromatic scents in Chamberí, treat yourself to a shopping day along Madrid’s Gran Via or in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, or visit some of all the theatres there are – these are just some of the ideas that can turn a standard city trip into a truly magical experience.

Urban plans in Barcelona

A bike ride along the Avenida Diagonal, an ascent to Tibidabo, or a sunrise on the beach in Barceloneta are just three of the many experiences to be had in the Catalan capital. Barcelona is the land of music, gastronomy, sport and unique places where you can enjoy your holiday (yes, like the Petit Palace Boquería Garden, located in the heart of the Gothic quarter).

Beyond the daytime plans, Barcelona also offers unique summer nights that keep on going well into September, as you can see for yourself when you come across all the beach bars and outdoor terraces on offer. Unique moments that you can enjoy with your feet in the sand, listening to the best live music around.



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