Aim: to enjoy the San Isidro celebrations in Madrid as much as possible

Most people might say May is just the month before summer really arrives, but if you speak of the month of May in a city like Madrid, you’re speaking of the San Isidro festivities. These are the most popular celebrations in the city, with lots of culture on offer. It certainly makes it worth thinking about treating yourself to a couple of fun-filled days here in the Spanish capital.

The event in question takes places between the 11th and the 15th of April in all parts of Madrid (but yes, especially in the popular San Isidro neighbourhood) and it’s characterised by that typical Madrid flavour, featuring the traditional chulapos dress and lots of live music. Have you decided you want to experience this popular festival, and want to know all that awaits? Don the chulapo handkerchief and let’s go dancing in San Isidro.

San Isidro, Madrid

Madrid in its purest form

In addition to being the largest of all festivals in Madrid, San Isidro is the perfect excuse to shake the dust off those traditional costumes and go dancing to the sound of a beautiful old accordion.

This festival goes back hundreds of years and accentuate the pride of the locals, who will not hesitate to invite friends and strangers to a plate of tasty stew of a glass of wine. Yes, these festivals will give you a nice experience of traditional Madrid in its purest form.

Citywide party

The main action is concentrated in the legendary San Isidro neighbourhood, that’s a fact, but there are many different locations all over the city that will provide you with a festive atmosphere. The San Isidro festivities turns featured areas such as the Pradera de San Isidro and other areas well-known among tourists – such as Plaza Mayor – into routes for Giants and other big-headed carnival figures, providing us with a large dose of traditional dancing, zarzuela and even comic theatre.

The magic of the chulapos

One of the most popular features of these celebrations in Madrid is all the colour visitors experience in the shape of traditional chulapos costumes. Men with vests and carnations and women with polka-dot dresses and scarves with a carnation in their hair to top it all off. Elegance and style. Tradition and culture. If it’s your first time in San Isidro and you want to enjoy the dancing as never before, don’t miss out on the evenings in Las Visitillas.

Central hotels where you can enjoy the festivities of San Isidro in Madrid?

With tournaments and a variety of events being carried out throughout the day, the San Isidro celebration is the perfect excuse to indulge in a quick getaway to the city. These festivities take place in one of Madrid’s most legendary neighbourhoods, a place that’s perfectly connected with most main hotels in the centre (because, in fact: if you want to enjoy this experience as it should be experienced your best choice will be an accommodation option located in the city’s historic centre).

Which hotels does this Urban Hotel Guide recommend? Three benchmark hotels from the boutique hotel chain Petit Palace, namely these: Petit Palace Embassy Serrano hotel, Petit Palace Art Gallery hotel and the impressive Petit Palace President Castellana hotel.


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