Bilbao, Valencia and Seville, three perfect destinations for the December Bank holiday

Of the different holidays that we have in our festive calendar, the December Bank holiday is by far one of the best. With two holidays ahead (and a few more for those who have booked their last holiday dates to fall in this month of December), choosing this week to give yourself a pre-Christmas relaxing trip is a very good decision for recharging the batteries.

Although any destination is good when you are on holiday, the truth is that these dates are especially beautiful in certain parts of our geography, places like Andalusia or the Basque Country. Are you undecided about your destination for the next break? In the Urban Hotels Guide we are going for Bilbao, Valencia and Seville, three of our country’s tourist gems.


Gastronomy in its purest form

There are a lot of reasons why we should all go at least once in our lives to Bilbao, however for us the main thing is the gourmet food. Whilst we are aware of the innate beauty of the Basque capital, nothing compares to Bilbao stews, their ‘pintxos’ and their wines. For this reason amongst many others (like its opportunities for sports and cultural tourism), choosing Bilbao for this break is sure to be a success.

Seville and Olé

Those who’ve got a droplet of Andalusian blood in their veins would ask why Andalusia and especially Seville isn’t the first choice. The capital, Seville is a place in which you can lose yourself, enjoy everything and to return with the senses refreshed and with the heart full. Why choose Seville? For its river, its art, its food, its beauty and because it is simply wonderful!

The magic of the Turia in its purest form

If what is wanted for this December break is to enjoy a few days with the family there is nothing better than choosing Valencia. With the Turia Gardens as a green lung for a little running and Gulliver Park as a refuge for the children, the Valencian capital also offers a perfect gourmet and cultural treat for these winter days.

Three destinations, three hotels

Knowing that it is just a break (not a long and comforting holiday), choosing a hotel in the heart of the destination is the best option to have everything to hand: rest and relaxation, shopping, tourism, etc. So, while we recommend the Petit Palace Arana hotel for a few days off in Bilbao, our advice is to experience the legendary Barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville thanks to the excellent location of the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana hotel.

For those who decide to spend this December break on the shores of the Valencian Mediterranean, there is no better choice than the quality, location and service of the Petit Palace Germanías Valencia hotel.


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