What to do and where to stay in Tenerife?

Whether for vacations, for work or for that sudden break, whatever pleases you, the fact is that the verb “to travel” means more than just preparing a suitcase, buying a basic travel guide and taking a plane or train. To travel is to dream, to experiment, to get to know a new place with a different accent and other customs, it is to change our routines and be happy.

For all these factors to coexist in harmony, it is necessary to analyze the destination calmly. Why? In order to know the highlights, set priorities and to highlight those experiences that we wouldn’t miss for the world. So, if we have chosen the island of Tenerife as a destination, there will be things like “the climb to Teide” that can’t be missed. But what other experiences could be part of this beautiful Canary Island?

Mount Teide, Tenerife island
Mount Teide, Tenerife island

Pass through Santa Cruz on foot

While visiting a city by car or bike is an equally good option, there’s nothing like discovering any destination on foot. It is calm and restful and gives you time to discover each beauty spot and every panorama. Walking in Tenerife is simply a pleasure. Browsing the port or losing yourself in its downtown streets (such as Bravo Murillo) are some of the ‘musts’ of every trip to the island.

Pure volcanic magic

Visiting the Canary Islands -and specifically Tenerife- is to be aware that their volcanic DNA will be part of our daily planning; and that the island emerged from volcanic eruptions which have created unique spots of indescribable beauty. Beyond Teide, the visitor should not miss the volcanoes of the Seven Fountains, the Fania and Arafo or the amazing Cueva del Viento, the biggest volcanic lava tube in Europe.

Visit the island by boat

Whether in your own boat itself or a hired boat (of which there are a lot and at a great price), the fact is that few trips are as beautiful as touring the island by boat. Besides having a spectacular panoramic view from the sea, visitors can access almost private coves that can only be reached like this.

Where to stay on the island of Tenerife?

To make the experience of traveling to Tenerife just as the traveler imagines it to be you must not lose sight of the quality of the accommodation itself. What is most important? The service, the quality and the location. This is our selection:

  • IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé: The IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé is a five star hotel full of exclusive services and an unbeatable location that is set in the heart of Costa Adeje.
  • IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador: From the Grand Collection range with its five stars, the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador is one of the most beautiful hotels in Tenerife. Accommodation with private areas for VIP guests.
  • IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey: In addition to its popular restaurant Los Menceyes, the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey is a hotel for  lovers of luxury. A place full of extras with an unbeatable location.

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