Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, the best hotel for events in Ciudad Condal

Although August is the most expected month of the year for most people (as it is time for leisure and holiday), this third month of summer is also an ideal time for holding an annual corporate event in order to close the financial year and bring to the table economic performances and common goals and hopes. With this as a starting point, there are aspects in which major brands and entrepreneurs are always agree, aspects such as location. This should be perfect, so it is both as simple and as complicated.

Being aware that big brands choose high quality hotels for their meetings in order to achieve their goals, it is not surprising that the major hotel chains of our country have focused their supply on more than just a refuge for those who are looking for rest. The truth is that there is a wide range of hotels to hold this kind of events; hotels that are just perfect, fancy and full of amenities like Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel.

In addition to its good location (in Plaza España and a few meters away from Fira Barcelona), Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel is considered to be the best hotel for corporate events in Barcelona.

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel
Meeting room of Barcelona Catalonia Hotel

Custom-made events guaranteed by Catalonia Hotels

We speak of a hotel with 20 meeting rooms (11 of which are fully refurbished) which shape its more than 1500 square meters and which have been deliberately designed to hold any kind of event and to give customers what they really want, either exclusivity, elegance, spaciousness or privacy. Catalonia Barcelona Plaza is ideal for private events as this hotel makes available for customers a maximum capacity for up to 700 people.

In addition, the customer has the assurance that the staff of this hotel of Barcelona will make from any received request a reality. From changing the ambient, music or colors with a particular shade (depending on the corporate colors of the company, for example) to provide catering and music, or to offer the latest technology so guests can enjoy the event without losing network connectivity (it is a free and high speed WiFi connection).

Besides the connectivity and the quality of the meeting rooms, this hotel is provides private parking and a perfect location for those who prefer public transport.

Time to relax

Another aspects that make Catalonia Barcelona Plaza hotel to mark a before and an after in corporate events are their individual facilities, their rooms. With all kinds of extras and unequalled views of the city, the rooms of Catalonia Barcelona Plaza hotel are the perfect place to rest.


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