Suites versus Deluxe rooms

When you choose a hotel at any destination, there are always some important aspects you should take into account. The communal areas and services, the special plans and proposals, the price, the location and the room. The room is really important: it can change your travel experience, specially at business travels, a congress or training days.  

City Break Suite, Vincci The Mint Hotel
City Break Suite, Vincci The Mint Hotel

A room for each travel


Singles.- The traditional single room (they offer less hotels) is a great option for business travellers. They are very comfortable and big, as they are usually double standard rooms for one single person with all the services and much more intimacy. They are also perfect for those who travel in group and prefer a room for themselves. What you should check? It has WiFi, private bath, wardrobes and safe.

Double rooms.- Standard and all sort of types. They are really big, but you should check they have enough space for two people with a bed (usually two 90cm beds together, except if you ask for a queen size bed). They include private bath and all type of basic services: TV, telephone, wardrobes, windows or balconies (if they have terrace, the price increases). The views are another extra you have to  pay. The rooms should be clean and bright with modern and comfortable furniture.

Deluxe.- They are smaller than Junior Suites and they have less services and special details, despite many hotels equate both deluxe and junior suite. Usually, deluxe rooms have higher quality than standard double and superior rooms (offering private terraces, views or additional services like minibar or free WiFi) but junior suites are better. The location and the amenities are frequently different among them, but prices could be similar.

Junior Suites.- There are many hotels offering Junior Suites at affordable prices. This room is really popular for many hotel chains, which try to offer a room between the luxury suite and the double superior room or deluxe room at affordable prices.

Suites.- The rooms we always dreamed of are usually the most exclusive hotels rooms. Some rooms inside new design hotels in Majorca like Grand Hotel Portals Nous, opening this summer are themed rooms where you live unique experiences. The most common attributes of suites rooms are:

  • bigger size
  • brighter
  • better location inside the hotel
  • special decoration
  • high quality furniture
  • private bath full of details
  • high-tech
  • new amenities: hydromassage tubs, outdoor Jacuzzi, private mini-pool…
  • higher price
  • access to hotel VIP areas
  • constant and personalized care

Hotels in Europe with suites that worth to enjoy:




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