A day in Santa Cruz neighbourhood, Seville’s best kept secret

Seville is a stately city, a traditional place where everything goes well and everybody is welcome. Locals are friendly and welcoming. Seville hides a unique art in the world, so choosing Seville for your holiday break is a great choice. Nevertheless, you should better travel in the early months of summer because temperatures reach 45 or 47 degrees in July or August.

Travelling to Seville in June is a fabulous experience. The blossom orange trees and the lovely smell make your walks romantic and amaze visitors.

Walking along the riverbank of Guadalquivir (at the feet of Torre del Oro), discovering how the popular city which host the Expo 92 has changed, visiting areas like Nervion or enjoying a nice walk along the mythical Avenue of La Palma. You will enjoy everything you do in Seville. There’s a special place in Seville that takes us to the past, where flamenco and the Arabic touches met. We are talking about Santa Cruz neighbourhood.

Torre del Oro, Seville
Torre del Oro, Seville

Apart from hiding world-famous monuments like Giralda (Seville Cathedral) or Reales Alcazares (bringing to life the southern city of Dorne in the film Games of Thrones), Santa Cruz neighbourhood is full of mysteries and amazing plans you should enjoy on your relaxing holidays.  Which are the must-do plans in this area of Seville?

Enjoy the real flamenco

You should admire a flamenco show and its traditional music, but you should choose the correct place. You will find many flamenco tablaos across the city where to enjoy its music, dance and guitars (some of them include dinner), but the best tablaos are located in Santa Cruz neighbourhood.

Casa de la Guitarra is one of them, which has been recognized as one of the best flamenco tablaos in the world. This charming place offers flamenco shows every day. It fits up to 40 people and becomes a real temple as the lights are switched off.

Tapas and wine tour

There are many tapas bars in Seville, so you can try any of them in this popular area of the city. Despite you can find bars in every corner of Santa Cruz neighbourhood, you should drink a glass of wine in any of the bars at Meson del Moro Street or drink a beer at the mythical bar of Las Columnas (at Mateos Gago Street, within 100 metres from the main gate of La Giralda)

Hotels identifying with the city

Despite you can find lots of hotels in Seville, you should choose a hotel that identifies with the stately Seville like a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are really popular for those who want to know the real Seville. The best hotels in Santa Cruz are Petit Palace Santa Cruz and Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana, two historical jewels of the city transformed into hotels within a few steps from the Cathedral.

Another great option is Petit Palace Canaleja Sevilla hotel in the centre of the city but further from Santa Cruz neighbourhood.


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