What do you need to know about Bogota, the Colombian capital

If you are planning to travel to Bogota, first you should know a bit about the Colombian capital. In this article, you will find useful information before you travel to Bogota. Of course, you can also read it on the plane on your way to the capital of the coffee country.

Bogota is a city full of contrasts and the third highest city in South America following La Paz and Quito. Due to this high, snowfalls, rains and few sunny days are really frequent in this city. It’s one of the best cities to live and make business in Latin America and one of the best places to start university studies.

The financial heart of Colombia

Almost all Colombian GDP comes from its capital, Bogota. It’s considered one of the most productive cities in Latin America, as well as the one that makes the best efficient use of resources to transform them into products or services, its main economic activity.

Bogota  offers many facilities for launching investments or businesses in the country, potentiating entrepreneurship due to its excellent banking system and its legal framework, with easy and clear procedures and the maximum support.

Bogota is one of the most strategic cities in the continent, with direct connection with almost every interior city through rapid transit routes from one city to another.

Also known as “The South American Athens”

Due to its cultural offer, Bogota is known as the South American Athens. We must stand out places such as Museo del Oro, with more than 60 thousand pieces of gold, ceramic and bones; Museo Nacional de Colombia, the biggest and oldest in the country; Botero’s Museum, donated by the artist Fernando Botero and where we can find many of his works and private collections. Finally, Museo Maloka, the biggest science and technology themed park in Latin America.

Although we must emphasize the National Colombian Library, Bogota has one of the largest library networks in South America, and for this reason it was awarded as “World Book Capital City”, which is reasonable in a country that strengthens reading.

One of the best hotels

At 93B street in Bogota we can find one of the best hotels we can imagine. If you are planning to visit the city, you cannot miss the opportunity of staying at Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa Bogota, a 4-star hotel with the best services and comforts.

business hotel in Bogota
business hotel in Bogota

You cannot miss the opportunity of staying at a hotel with Colombian Environmental Seal. Dann Carlton Hotel Spa Bogota location is really close to the famous 93’s Park.

It has 16 meeting and event rooms, emphasizing Britannia’s room with a capacity of 1000 people. Its spa, bars and restaurants make Bogota even more beautiful.


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