What to do and where to stay in Sevilla (+Tips)

The Andalusian capital stands out for its high population in Spain (it’s the fourth most populated in the country) and for its historical centre, which is the third biggest one in Europe. There’s a lot more to see in Sevilla whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. Sevilla suits all tastes, and there are lots of secret corners all over the city which hide a little piece of its history.

Must-visit places in the city

  •       Sevilla Cathedral: a must-visit gothic temple in Europe. We can find here Cristobal Colon remains.
  •      Alcazar Palaces
  •       Torre del Oro: if you are visiting Torre del Oro, ask a local about the legends of this Andalusian icon.          

Where to stay in Sevilla?

The Andalusian capital offers you a wide range of hotels with different attributes, advantages and disadvantages. We include in this article a list of the best accommodation alternatives in Sevilla to make your stay as magical as you admiring Guadalquivir.

Here’s a list of the three best hotels you should stay in Sevilla:

  •       Canalejas Sevilla: a hotel that keeps the charming essence of Sevilla, offering rooms with wifi, bikes for rent to explore the historic city centre as well as mythical city places like La Giralda or the Cathedral.
  •      Marques de Santa Ana Hotel: this elegant and exclusive 4-star hotel is located in the centre of Sevilla, close to the Real Alcazar, the city hall and La Giralda, in a quiet city neighbourhood, perfect for romantic or business travels. Enjoy Marques de Santa Ana hotel in the heart of Sevilla.

·       Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel: a historic palace of the 16th century turned into an exclusive 4-star hotel. It’s located in Santa Cruz neighbourhood (the jewish neighbourhood in Sevilla). It’s considered a cultural heritage site in the city. Its quietness is perfect for you and your couple to plan your future projects.


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