Al Trapo, a new gastronomic experience in the heart of Madrid

Getting into scraps is a typical Spanish expression which remains from generation to generation and the one we use to talk about starting an argument. Getting into scraps implies high nobleness, which is incredibly shown in Al Trapo team, a new restaurant managed by the chef Paco Morales in Madrid, inside  Las Letras hotel managed by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, where you will surprise yourself with the most delicious flavours in the city.

We all know that it’s always possible to eat well in Madrid. It’s a world-famous truth that we can prove just by walking through any of its neighbourhoods in the centre or on the outskirts. We can enjoy tasty tapas and portions which even surprise locals. But Madrid areas differ from one another. You surely think about tapas bars, walks across Lavapies (full of modern bars and taverns as well as traditional multi ethnic restaurants) or a visit to San Miguel market. That sounds perfect, but we suggest you include a little detour: from Santa Ana square to Paseo del Prado neighbourhood and the so-called Triangulo del Arte, you will find the emblematic neighbourhood of Las Letras, also called poets neighbourhood as some illustrious Spanish writers lived there.

Las Letras neighbourhood is small and full of charming passages (Google Maps will guide you) where we can find historical buildings, nightclubs and houses. You can find some of the most traditional taverns and pubs in the centre of Madrid. El Quevedo is our favourite one, where it’s impossible to refuse its famous croquetas, its huevos rotos with pepper or its matured cheese in oil… There are many similar ones around, but if you are tired of tapas (as it’s hard to find a gap at certain times), we recommend you to INDULGE yourself.

A little further but inside the same neighbourhood, in Gran Via, we find the Iberostar Las Letras, an amazing design hotel in the centre of Madrid. Its exclusive atmosphere surprises us, as their rooms in Madrid are visited by lead executives and celebrities. You will feel at home in its restaurant, and you will taste one of the most delicious cuisine in Spain. Paco Morales is a fabulous chef either cooking or managing his team, so his dishes are a real gourmet jewel at really affordable prices.

Don’t think that Al Trapo restaurant in Gran Via is just addressed to jet set because of its location. On the contrary: Paco Morales cuisine is the people’s cuisine, the traditional one that we usually eat with spoon and taste quietly accompanied by a great talk and a great wine. No-nonsense, just good food. Nevertheless, we must admit that this is not a place to find typical grandmother’s stews, but Al Trapo is an excellent place to find gourmet food, the perfect indulgence, but an indulgence affordable to everyone from time to time. You can then enjoy good food while being well-served. Although the specialities and the menu are based on traditional cuisine, they are also really innovative and rich in contrasts, so you will be simply amazed.

Al Trapo restaurant
Al Trapo restaurant

In words of Paco Morales, what you will find in his restaurant is…”a succulent fresh and traveller cuisine identified with all cuisines which seduced me” So, you can imagine that everything can happen when one of the most prestigious Michelin starred chefs starts cooking.

If you are convinced and you will visit Madrid in these winter months, write down this essential information:

  • Gastronomy style.- Signature cuisine. Innovative and informal.
  • Location.- Iberostar Las Letras Hotel, Caballero de Gracia, 11, Madrid.
  • Opening hours.- Lunch from 1PM to 4PM and dinner from 8PM to 11PM.
  • Closed.- Monday at noon and Sunday. Booked up for next August.
  • Phone number.- 91 524 23 05
  • Price.- between 35 and 50 euros.

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