Hotel chains committed to urban areas

City breaks have been and will always be an escape from routine, a way of discovering and rediscovering destinations and also live the experiences: concerts, festivals, theatre plays, musicals, conferences, congresses, shopping…In the city, differentiation comes from its leisure offer and cultural quality, key factors in determining a traveller’s destination choice. However, once the traveller decides on a city, much more factors come into play to create your great travel memories.  


Accommodation is one of the key factors. The main touristic institutions know it and appreciate hoteliers’ efforts, awarding those who commit to it and leaving the rest of them aside. A city talks about itself to the foreigner through those resting places that are part of each destination hospitality.

For example, Madrid and Barcelona stand out in Spain as destinations where hospitality made great efforts to offer visitors an added value. Madrid differs from Barcelona for its distribution convenience, with a big city centre, organized in such a way that there are many central hotels and it is very easy choosing a hotel in Gran Via, in La Latina or closed to Retiro.

Another advantage of Madrid compared to Barcelona is the night average price, much more affordable even in higher category hotels. Barcelona remains much more popular than Madrid, if we analyse visitors’ numbers year after year. Its look of design city, its privileged Mediterranean location, its proximity to France and Italy for European travels by car… And the artistic-monumental attractiveness of the city, have made it a must-visit destination in Spain. It is one of the most wonderful and welcoming city in the world for many people.  

In reference to accommodation, both in Madrid and Barcelona -but specially in the last one- many trend-setting national firms stand out for their urban projects: Catalonia is always mentioned on high quality and design tourism. As an example, their hotels in Barcelona such as the Catalonia Sagrada Familia, the Catalonia BCN Plaza or the Catalonia Las Cortes in Madrid.

On the other hand, Vincci Hotels is a classic: Vincci Bit, Vincci Gala, Vincci Capitol… This chain portfolio is full of 4-star design hotels offering high quality services and facilities and a charming style that combines tradition and modernity.  
To sum up, the Basque hotel chain Petit Palace, which have significantly increase their hotels portfolio across the country, especially in all the big Spanish capitals, highlighting: boutique hotels in city centres with modern and free services. Some of its top quality examples are Embassy Serrano, Museum Barcelona or Petit Palace Santa Cruz in Sevilla.


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