Urban hotels’ season is back

September is not always routine and work, there are things that come back stronger than ever in this pre-autumn season and that have been inactive during the summer months. It is the case of urban hotels which, moreover, are back with the batteries to the fullest: new designs, new incorporations of big chains, new establishments that speak for themselves…

We take advantage that we’re also back to work and that we have to review to review accommodations to renew our posts. Today we do it with top design hotels in Madrid and Barcelona, but throughout the month, we promise more interesting novelties which have surprised everyone in this trade.

Terraza del hotel Vincci Capitol
Terrace of the Vincci Capitol hotel

Catalonia in Madrid

The Catalonian hotel company, which has numerous 4 and 5-star hotels in the centre of Barcelona, has made a strong investment in the capital. They have a hotel in the centre of Madrid characterised by its design and style, as well as by its services of all kinds that create an accommodation adapted to almost any traveller. You can speak of a business hotel in Madrid if it has great functionality and spaces for events. For its elegant rooms next to Plaza Mayor we could categorize it as a luxury hotel; for its location -it is a hotel in Santa Ana square– it could be sold as one of the best hotels to visit Madrid in 2 days; for its free snacks and wifi service, it is a perfect hotel for restless travellers; for being a pet friendly hotel in Madrid, we could give it a prize… And so on: gastronomic hotel (with the chef Jesus Trujillo), hotel for couples with children (babysitting service), hotel for romantic getaways…

Vincci, contemporary urban luxury

Few have managed to establish a brand image so clearly and with such differential values to catch on in travellers. They are hotels to live, because in them you can enjoy plans, sensations and moments that become key memories of a trip. Its portfolio also includes beach hotels in Marbella, Almeria, Majorca, Tenerife, etc, but its urban hotels are those who make the difference. Some of the most characteristic are the Vincci Soho, Vincci Bit, Vincci Capitol, Vincci Soma, Vincci Gala, Vincci Porto y Vincci Baixa (these last two situated in Portugal). The main attractions of these establishments is to be constructed in historical buildings located in special places and very characteristic in their destinations; their interior design, which in some is worthy of an authentic art gallery; their luxury services targeted to travellers seeking excellence in every detail; their themed rooms (at the Vincci Capitol, which is a hotel constructed in the building of the Capitol cinema from Madrid, you can sleep surrounded by film inspiration, for example); their gastronomy…


Catalonia BCN Plaza Plaza_terraza_de_noche
Views from the terrace of the Catalonia BCN Plaza hotel

Petit Palace keeps renovating itself

It is and always will be one of the urban hotel chain’s landmarks in Spain. Its contribution to the sector with its hotels in the centre of Madrid and its hotels in Barcelona is noteworthy when we debate on the future of quality tourism. Its commitment is complex and requires significant investment efforts, but this Basque company has been able to weather all storms and not only stays strong and afloat but continues working and renewing its image, specializing more and more their accommodations, linking them to the destination and the specific area where they are located. Their direct connection with the local atmosphere, making more attractive their location and their offer of complementary plans to what already provides the city itself is getting stronger. Result of this are so emblematic hotels such as the Posada Del Peine Hotel in Madrid, the oldest hotel in the capital; their hotel in Serrano Street, which has become a point of reference for high society and business travellers that stay in Madrid for work or pleasure, and the Petit Alcalá Torre, which is a 4-star hotel ideal for families, friends and couples who want to sleep in a historical building in the city: the first skyscraper in Madrid inspired in the purest style New York. The line of hotels in the centre of Barcelona offered by this chain is directly related to the image of modernist, creative and innovative city, flag of European design. Without forgetting, of course, its Mediterranean charm. This is noticeable, for example, in their Opera Garden Hotel that offers one of the most beautiful courtyards in Las Ramblas or the Petit Museum Barcelona, which is built in one of the modernist houses of tourist reference in all city guides.  

Las Letras: the urban proposal of Iberostar

At the beginning it may be surprising, but the Iberostar has it clear: it is time to invest in city hotels, in the conceptual design, big capitals and luxury. Although its line of beach resorts remains the pillar of the chain, the Majorcan Hotel firm has opened one of the best hotels in the centre of Madrid: the Iberostar Las Letras, where it has combined with excellent taste, design, respect for the history of the building, functional architecture with classical touches, gastronomy, night leisure and personalized proposals to enjoy Madrid from the hotel or with the hotel as a reference. For example, its roof in La Gran Vía is one of those elements that make this establishment a place to visit on any trip to Madrid, to sit down and enjoy a drink and contemplate the skyline of the heart of the capital from a really privileged perspective. Its restaurant in La Gran Vía, with the Chef Paco Morales, has made him one of the most visited gourmet hotels in Madrid by locals and travellers.


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