Discovering Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas are the symbol of what Barcelona was before, a place where the combination of smells, colours, flavours and sounds represented dynamism, progress, party and everyday life. Today, Las Ramblas are still full of colour, bustle and Mediterranean flavour, but tourists have gained ground, reducing the presence of locals that visit it from time to time.

We still see flowers and newspaper stands, but we miss the quietness of yesteryear, and entertainment is left over. Relaxing while you walk Las Ramblas is almost impossible: you visit Las Ramblas to know the historic centre, to visit La Boquería Market, El Raval, or just to see the buildings and art spaces.

Many luxury hotels and 4-star accommodations in Barcelona are situated in Las Ramblas to offer a space to rest, just a few steps from everything.  This is the type of hotel that travellers look for when they want to spend a weekend in the Catalonian capital: central, with free wifi, rooms next to La Boquería or El Liceu, or close to the Catalunya Square, to fashionable shops replacing the lifelong establishments… Some people would say that Las Ramblas in Barcelona are not like before, and they are right.

Hotel Catalonia Las Ramblas
Hotel Catalonia Las Ramblas

Despite this, Las Ramblas is still the main road towards the sea, surrounding the old walled boundaries of the heart of the city. This is the objective of walking Las Ramblas: go from an end to the other, from top to bottom, take photos discreetly, contemplate the routine of tourists, local shopkeepers, neighbours, students groups, grandmothers and businessmen going by skateboard towards MACBA square.

These images reflect undoubtedly a very different Barcelona from what it was a few centuries ago. A new city that has positioned as one of the big design, creativity and style capitals of the world. Modern and unstoppable, it is still the main destination in Spain for people from all over the world, a city to visit all the year round.

Accommodation close to Las Ramblas

Some of the accommodations you can book in this area are not much recommended in terms of quality-price relationship (bear in mind that it is more expensive than Madrid), this is why the best you can do is to opt for hotels with a minimum category of 3 stars if you want minimum conditions. There are also 4-star hotels next to Las Ramblas offering even comfortable and affordable rooms for groups or families with children visiting Barcelona during the weekend or for an entire week.

Public transportation

By metro you will arrive without problem: there are several stops along Las Ramblas, so you can choose the section you prefer. In this way, if you just want to visit La Boquería or the Gothic neighbourhood, you don’t have to do the entire route, bearing in mind that it is almost impassable in summer.


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