Design and warmth combined in a single place: Las Letras Gran Vía hotel in Madrid

The Iberostar Hotel Las Letras Gran Vía in Madrid, is one of those unique places that seems to have its own personality, and every guest feel it the second they walk through the door. They feel welcome and sense the exquisite atmosphere.

This hotel located in the Gran Vía of Madrid is unique thanks to its perfect combination of avant-garde design and warmth style, with a vintage preserved touch like the historical façade, its coffered ceiling or the old staircase, with was perfectly restore in this hotel in Madrid.

The hotel also has an incredible location, since it’s located in the Gran Vía of Madrid, and is just a few steps from the best theatres, museums, cinemas and several cultural centres of the Capital. The neighbourhood Las Letras in Madrid is an exceptional starting point to know the city. Just walk around the alleys and discover the hidden treasures awaiting you in every corner, a wonderful experience that you shouldn’t miss.

hotel en gran via de Madrid

The hotel also offers the most comfortable bedrooms, all beautifully furnished and adapted to make you feel as relaxed as possible, among these accommodations you will find a bedroom with a Jacuzzi, large windows and a lovely terraces to create an authentic dreaming stay, that you will like to stay forever, like the lovely phrases of famous writes on the bedroom’s walls that make this place unique.

But that’s not all, this design hotel in the Gran Vía of Madrid holds a secret in its 7th floor, a warming loft where the guests can have a few drinks while they enjoy a unique view of the capital and its wonderful environment.

The hotel also has some interesting gastronomic menu, the guests will enjoy a high cuisine standard from the hand of the famous Chef Paco Morales. The most pleasing food to the palate right in the centre of Madrid

So if you’re in Madrid, just take a look at the hotel page, you will find the best accommodation with most affordable prices. Madrid won’t disappoint you and Las Letras Gran Vía hotel neither will do.


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