Berlin Mitte, the German disembarkation of Catalonia

To arrive, see and conquer. This is the summary of the German disembarkation of Catalonia hotel chain, whose flagship is a really modern hotel in Berlin – Mitte, which surprises with its innovative design, with industrial touches, the classic urban hotel services and an attention you usually do not find in a hotel in a big capital.

Under the name of Catalonia Berlin Mitte, this 4 star hotel stands out as accommodation in Mitte borough, by offering a space especially designed for cultural getaways and business trips to Germany: modern design room with functional and sober lines.  Definitely it is a place to rest and be just one step away from the main tourist attractions of the German capital.

Located right next to the Heinrich-Heine Strasse underground station, this hotel has known how to merge into its environment, inspired by the most expressive and captivating Berlin. Urban art, depth, transgression, rhythm and, above all, comfort. All this converges in the interior of this accommodation and shapes a destination in itself. So much so that people says that you cannot visit Berlin without visiting Berlin Mitte Hotel, at least having a drink at its bar corner.

Maybe a bit exaggerated, but we cannot deny that Catalonia has showed great skill by giving status to a Catalonian hotel concept which is not very strong in Germany.

Some of the keys of this hotel in Berlin which have turned into a reference for tourists and businessmen who visiting this overwhelming German city are:

→ Quality-price relation: it is a very affordable hotel if we bear in mind it is a 4 star hotel located right in the centre of Berlin. The rooms cost from 74 Euros per night as Only Accommodation.

Daily breakfast: the buffet offered by this hotel of Catalonia is one of the most complete you can find in this central area of Berlin.

→ 4 star services: gym at the hotel, outdoor terrace, corner bar open to the public, restaurant…

Free wifi: it could be included among its 4 star services, but we want to highlight it because it is one of the most competitive advantages of this hotel compared to many other hotels of Spanish chains in Berlin, which do not offer this service yet, despite of being basic, nowadays, for customers.

Hotel for events in Berlin: targeted at businessmen and business trips, it do not only represents a good space to rest, but also goes beyond and allows companies to turn this hotel into their venue during the whole stay.


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