Urban accommodation – a must in interior design

The urban hotels and apartments are now a world reference with regard to interior design in this country. The most emblematic hotels belonging to large, medium and small chains are actually the preferred scenario of the most Important names in the sector of architecture and interior design to show their work and new trends, creating for visitors unique spaces which are themselves complete experiences.

The urban hotels have become almost “live” museums of one of the aesthetic disciplines that has produced the most fans in the last decade: the creation of Ikea has bought interior design to people of all walks of life, it has made everybody feel that they are capable of redecorating their homes and at the same time understanding the importance of this task.

Barcelo and their B-rooms similar to those that can be found in their most modern urban hotels, created under the design concept U-Concept where classical elegance embraces new technology and incorporates many details orientated for rest and relaxation. Hotels in Seville (the Barcelo Renacimiento), the one in Illetas, Majorca, (Albatros) or the public rooms of their golf resorts in Andalucia, are a good example of the work undertaken by the hotel group in the past few years.

Following this line, Ayre Hotels of the Fiesta Palladium group, which are in the category of business hotels in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Olviedo and Cordoba, amongst others, are also excellent examples of the role that today, art and design, play in the design of interiors for the tourist industry.

Many tourists choose their hotel for the design and the special experience that this can provide. Although not in the majority there is a growing segment of people who decide to organise a trip just to stay at X hotel in Madrid or Barcelona. This is the case of the hotel located in the former Casa Garriga Nogues in the centre of Barcelona which is one of the most emblematic, modernistIc building of the county capital.

The boutique hotels in the centre of Madrid, hotels in Palma, for leisure or business, avant guarde accommodation near to the Ramblas in Barcelona, charming rooms in the old town of Seville, business accommodation near to Barajas. Hotel design is one of the most important reflexions of art and good taste and does not have to be at odds with

functionality, versatility, simplicity and comfort. There exists a thousand and one ways of presenting a space and this is what drives many of the establishments which open in the principal capitals of our country, providing superior service for business travel and health tourism travellers.

The interior design of urban hotels in Spain, follows very specific formulas without loosing individual originality and understandable differences:

  • Historical building or outstanding architecture
  • Well looked after and sober public areas
  • Spaciousness and diaphanous
  • Light colours mixed with occasional touches of brighter colours
  • Special care in the selection of mattresses and pillows
  • Different environments in a unique space
  • New technologies: Ipad, laptop, ADSL, wifi, and LCD TV
  • Themed restaurants and bars with specific designs
  • Luxury services: gymnasium, business corner, swimming pools, chill out areas, massages and spas
  • Complete designer bathrooms with natural light, hydromassage baths and amenities

Within this basic scheme there are many different types of hotels such as those related to

aesthetics, the hotel in the centre of Madrid, near to Serrano street, Petit Palace Art Gallery, or others which are functional and practical such as the business hotel in Cuidad Lineal, a Confortel hotel: below you will see photographs of the hotel.


The style of design of urban hotels has passed city frontiers and many new projects for new or renovated hotels are in progress at many of the principal touristic areas on the coast. Highlighted here is Confortel, with hotels in Cala de Conil, Minorca, Badajoz, and beach hotels in Fuengirola and other towns by the sea, who have decided to offer to their guests the best of an urban hotel, modern and comfortable, together with the warmth andspontaneity of a holiday resort.

Fergus Hotels is another of the hotel chains that have taken on board this maximum and have applied it to a few of their establishments in Majorca, in particular their boutique hotels in Santa Ponsa, their hotel in Costa de la Calma and their superior four star hotel in Santa Susanna.


One of the characteristics of the style that is used most frequently is the combination of white, for both menage and decorative elements such as bed linens and furniture that enhance luminosity and offer a sensation of amplitude even in small spaces such as the bedrooms in the beach hotels on the Barcelona coast where location is more important than the size of the rooms. Many guests prefer an agreeable ambience rather than large spaces and in exchange they have the spectacular views of the sea, city or village where the hotel is situated.

The Nordic influence of simple design, functional, minimalistic and compact can be

clearly seen in nearly all the business hotels in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia and also in many of the luxury hotels in Majorca, Alicante, Marbella or Tenerife, classic summer resorts where it seems that modernity has started to replace those baroque and ostentatious spaces that triumphed various decades ago.

Subtlety and the ethereal reigns in the bedrooms with splashes of colour and surprising details in the public rooms. Colours full of light and life, mixed with winding staircases, circular landings and walls with a message, rooms with names and restaurants that could appear in the magazine El Mueble… Entering into an urban hotel today can be an unforgettable experience. You only have to make the right choice and although we have given you a few ideas the election is not easy.

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