Adults Only Hotels… Guaranteed peace of mind?

The most popular idea is that the Adults Only hotels are the best alternative for guaranteeing yourself a peaceful stay during your holiday, away from the frantic days of those who travel with children.  Nevertheless, all that glitters is not gold.  Although the concept was mainly created for suiting the needs of guests, in some hotels it has become the perfect excuse for designing an offer that has nothing to do with a quiet holiday,  quite the opposite.

So, an Adults Only could be a bungalow complex in Lanzarote with all inclusive for enjoying a honeymoon in a hotel with DJ in Calvià, a hotel for romantic getaways, a business accommodation in Madrid and a relaxing hotel in Illetas. All they are realities showing completely different hotel concepts.

Solo Adultos Garden Hotels
Adults only Garden Hotels

The target public changes to the same extent, attracting from aged guests with a medium-high purchasing power to young couples or singles with a high purchasing power, higher education and a steady work.

In pursuance of a specialization for this public who wants to travel without children and spend the holiday without meeting someone else’s child, it has been created one of the widest ranges of hotels for 16 years old and over: themed hotels for groups, hotels for friends, hotels for couples, for 65 years old and over, for executives and conventions…

Essentially, all these hotels for adults meet certain conditions: limited access for certain ages, more spacious rooms, design common area, bar and restaurant with specialities, internet connection… And, as extra services, the most complete hotels usually offer spa and wellness areas, chill out terraces, afterwork and cocktails sessions, theme parties, Bali beds in the solarium area, showers or hydromassage baths in the rooms and gym, among other services.

The location could change and it directly affects the type of hotel for adults. Hotel chains usually choose their Adults Only hotels near to quiet beaches, away from the most developed areas.  In the same vein, there are accommodations build on the mountain, surrounded by nature, with specialized services for outdoor sports lovers.

Another of the favourite locations for this type of hotels are the most lively areas in the big cities and, in this case, they are usually commercialized as hotels for city breaks which are opened the whole year round: hotels in Puerta del Sol, next to La Boquería Market in Barcelona…

The price of these hotels is usually higher than the price of the traditional accommodations which are not specialized and provide a higher profitability, attracting higher quality clients and more expenses per stay. This is an important detail, especially now that the travel trends have so much changed and that long 20-30 day trips to a same destination have reduced to short getaways in the course of the year and to different places.


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