Seville: essential visits

Two days visiting Seville could not be enough. As regards cultural spaces and shows, Seville has a unique and almost endless offer of experiences, ranging from the traditional tours by its historic monuments to the sensations caused by a flamenco stage, or just some tapas of one of its thousands of traditional pubs. However, if you have only the chance of escaping to Seville a weekend, here is a brief list of essential visits.

Barcelo Renacimiento hotel in Seville
Barcelo Renacimiento hotel in Seville

1)     Torre del Oro: It is, as well as La Giralda, one of the most characteristics emblems of Seville. You can have a good time doing a short tour by ferry across the river or walking, taking the opportunity to visit the Navigation Pavilion that is currently in its inside.

2)     Seville Cathedral: If you have the opportunity of lodging in a hotel in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, you will enjoy, only a few steps away, the best images of the city, including its cathedral, declared a World Heritage site.  You can contemplate La Giralda standing out between the rest of roofs that make up these small streets, old Jewish quarter of Seville. And anyone who wishes, can go to the top and see the marvellous views of the entire city.

3)     The Real Alcázar: One of the most amazing buildings of the city. Many say they are even more beautiful than the legendary palaces of The Alhambra in Granada. Also declared World Heritage site, it is said that it is one of the most ancient royal palaces of Europe.

4)     Archive of the Indies: Some of the most important preserved documents of the Spanish colonies in Latin America are found in The General Archive of the Indies.   To visit, it is necessary to book in advance a group tour.

5)     La Maestranza: It is one of the most famous bullrings of Spain and, although we are not bullfighting fans, its architecture is magnificent and composes the entire neighbourhood that surrounds it. It is one of the essential elements of the city, located close to Plaza Nueva and the Seville Council. You can find in this area some of the most complete hotels in the Seville centre, as well as restaurants, tapas bars, and of course, The Maestranza Theatre.

6)     Triana: If there is a Sevillian neighbourhood that has gone around the world because of its art, it is Triana. Full of life and tradition, it is a corner that worths a visit and a quiet enjoyment.  Wandering around its streets, trying some of its bars or attending a good flamenco show.

7)     Isla Mágica and La Cartuja: Next to the Guadalquivir river, to the Canal de Alfonso XIII and the Alammilo park, lands that were the venue of Expo ’92 extend up, where the Isla Mágica theme park is now (ideal to go with the children), the great monastery La Cartuja and some of the most important establishments and business hotels of Seville.

8)     Plaza de España: without a doubt, the most important Seville square and one of the most prominent and visited of Spain.  The water canal that surrounds it is surprising, as well as the towers that accentuate the sides of its semicircular form. With a Baroque style, is one of the most recognised places of Seville and a must visit site.

9)     Tapas bar in the Arfe Street: near to the Seville cathedral and very close to the bull ring of La Maestranza, some of the most famous tapas bars of Seville are gathered.  Altough in high season could be difficult to calmly enjoy them, it is worth devoting a vermouths path or sampling an aperitif to taste some of its specialities and, specially, living its captivating atmosphere.

10)  Maria Luisa Park: Just one step from the Plaza de España, the Maria Luisa Park offers one of those corners to be covered with the heat of August in Seville.  It is one of the city’s green area and, the biggest in the old days.  They were, in days gone by, private gardens. Now it is the most important park of Seville, ideal to walk and play with the children.



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