This 2014 Easter Holiday, forget about the beach or the mountain, ¡plan a city trip! Seville (I)

This 2014 Easter holiday enjoy a city break. Break the eternal dicotomy of beach or mountain and take advantage of this short holiday to know any of the principal cities of Europe and Spain. Booking now in February, the fly will _ with good price and you could take advantage of the last _ of the hotels Early Booking campaign that we have already named  in previous posts. _ you will be able to invest your budget mostly discovering each corner in the city you choose.

The rise of city breaks to a certain extent, precisely, to the flexibility that offers in respect of budget: four days in a hotel in the centre of Hamburg allow us to live a different experience, discover a new place and organise the expenses avoiding surprises. Planning, researching in depth about the city and organizing the trip with a series of essential visits are key steps to take full advantage of a urban escape in holy week.

In the same way, this kinds of urban trips fit perfectly in the limited time we have to enjoy traveling: in general terms, there is a tendency to divide the holiday in shorter periods so that we travel more, to mores destinations but with shorter stay periods. Weekends and four days long weekends are now the norm, compared to the previous traditional and widespread holiday month in the country or beach.

Well, to avoid any excuse to take the risk of make a stop and visit one of our wonderful cities, this moth we offer to you a list of destinations and lodgings in Europe that will help you to decide where do you want to spend this 2014 Holy Week.


If you are one of those who want to be in the core of everything, Seville is your ideal destination in Holy Week. The Andalusian capital passion that we live in this times makes it eye- catching and with every right: the Sevillian Holy Week is one of the worthwhile meetings to live it at least one time in the life, beyond each one’s faith and devotions. The city shines like never before and its bars, streets and people represents an essential picture to keep in our gallery of travel memories.

Regarding lodging, hotels in the centre of Seville in Holy Week are usually 100% full, so in this case it is necessary to strictly apply the idea of “book in advance”. Some of our most interesting hotels in Seville are the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, a boutique hotel in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, full of charming and just in heart of the Seville old quarter; a little further, for whose prefer comfort and wide spaces, Barceló Renacimiento is a luxury proposal: a hotel next to the theme park Isla Mágica, ideal to go with children.

Hotel Barcelo Hamburg
Hotel Barcelo Hamburg

The essential visits in Seville are, of course, Giralda, Torre del Oro, the Seville cathedral, Gran Alcázar and Indias Archive, with unique documents in the world. The Santa Cruz neighborhood, old Jewish quarter in the city, stands out because of its charms for the visitor, as much leisure as enjoyable cultural visits.

And, every time we travel to Seville is including a flamenco night. In the old zone of the city there are several mythical tablaos where you can have an agreable _ and enjoy this unique art.


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