This Easter 2014, neither beach nor mountain, we head for a city break! Caceres (VI)

Breaking all conventions, we propose Caceres as a destination for a city break for this coming 2014Easter. If in the previous post we opted for the classical cities for urban escapades, this time we want to try a different option.

Bursting with history and friendly atmosphere, Caceres is a perfect city to unwind and spend some time relaxing, with good food, culture and traditions without too many complications and at an affordable price. Spring, is also the best time to visit, away from the suffocating summer heat of Extremadura and the cold winters that are felt in this part of the country.

Accommodation in Caceres is lower than in large cities, so if you want to make sure, the best option is to go for hotel chains that opt for a consolidated concept.  However, there is a wide range of possibilities, from hostals and pensions to luxury hotels with innovative services.

Hotel in Caceres
Hotel in Caceres

One of these hotels, specifically designed to enjoy a relaxing holiday in this historic city, is located in area of Los Castellanos, just steps from the centre and in one of the most prominent buildings in the city. Here you can find one of the best all inclusive hotels in Caceres: an ideal way to spend 4 days of luxury at half the price of a similar hotel in one of the larger Spanish cities.

But Caceres is not only a comfortable and affordable destination for Easter holidays, is also a place to be surprised by its charm: the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and in it you can see buildings and monuments with influences from the Roman, Arabic, Gothic…

Around the city, the province of Caceres is a world waiting to be discovered. It is worth saving some time in spring to visit the Valley of Jerte, with all its cherry trees in blossom, about to bear its fruit, as well as paying a visit the Caves of Maltravieso.  For travelling, the best option is to do so by car.


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