Hotels for executives

Ultra modern business lounges, minimalistic decoration, rococo spaces, beds with the latest technology and elegant bedrooms in which you can find, static bicycles, and laptops…

Urban hotels in Spain have grown because of the necessities of their repeat clients, executives and business travellers, who travel almost daily between the large cities of our country and are obliged to convert their hotel into a business centre, and also into their home and area for relaxing.

Also, the design of most of the hotels situated in the centre of Madrid or Barcelona of the highest category, is known for offering multipurpose spaces, with styles that combine the most classic with the breathtakingly modern.  Some times it works well, which is the case of the Hotel Museum, Barcelona which, with the passing of time, the exquisite taste of the renovation has created a boutique hotel in the centre of Barcelona like no other.

Confortel Atrium Hotel in Madrid
Confortel Atrium Hotel in Madrid

The chain Petit Palace Hotels which just a few weeks ago has inaugurated a new official web site, is one of those sited as a reference when we discuss architecture of urban hotels in Spain because they have been capable of marking a before and after in this hotel concept of converting accommodation into a destination, a place people choose to visit and will brag about to their friends. An accommodation that you are proud to visit, and appreciate the luxury, and enjoy maybe even more so than your own home.

Occasionally it is achieved, other times maybe not.  There are many examples in Barcelona and Madrid where hotels are offered for executives and in fact they are just a space to sleep, with sober decoration or practically inexistent with very few details that could make life a little more agreeable for those who spend time away from home, and are those who really know and live in an hotel.

The secret of the strategies of Petit Palace and also developed by Barcelo Hotels& Resorts in such hotels as the Barcelo Renacimiento or the Barcelo Raval, is to concentrate in the same space all the desires of someone who is away from home but who needs and desires a most relaxing life and as normal as possible.  So if one is accommodated in these hotel on business or for leisure it is important to feel the sensation of being where you want to be with Wifi connection, ADSL in the room, laptop, iPad (on request), hydro massage shower, static bicycle, suit press, modern decoration and contemporary inspiration.

Petit Palace Museum
Petit Palace Museum

Historical spaces

Space is important not just for the size but for the necessity to offer a global concept of the destination.  One of the most emblematic hotel of the Petit Palace chain is in Bilbao, the city from where the hotel group originated, it is a boutique hotel in the centre of Bilbao,  which acts as a hinge between the old part of Bilbao and the new and for ages has been situated in one of the city’s oldest building and which today has the honour of being the oldest hotel operating in Bilbao.  Dating from 1909, it has under gone complete renovation with close attention to all details and with the affection of somebody who knows how to respect history.

Although the Petit Palace Arana is not a business hotel exactly, more an hotel designed for you to enjoy one of the most dynamic cities in the Basque country, many executives have chosen this accommodation precisely for this reason, because even though it has the required characteristics and basic services that a business traveller demands, also added are certain details and elements that combined, assure relaxation during a business trip is an authentic pleasure.

This image can explain the work that has been carried out by these Basque hoteliers and it is aligned with other important hotel groups.  A good example apart from Barcelo is Confortel Hotels, owners of what was the first hotel in Islantilla, one of the most exclusive, luxurious areas on the coast of Huelva.

Spaces for work and enjoyment 

Confortel diversifies their business in 2 different concepts but they maintain between them a certain line of continuity which allows them to continue the theory of communication vessels which we commented about the Petit Palace: a space where leisure and business are a perfect fit, without fanfare.  To enter in to a Confortel beach hotel like the one they have in Calas de Conill is very different from entering into the Confortel Atrium in Madrid, although they coincide in giving to their guests innovative services that converts their stay into a place where they can work or relax without any problems or preoccupations.

The beach resort services in Calas de Conill are more orientated for families, sun lovers, nature lovers and sports people and the hotel in Madrid is primarily a business hotel near to IFEMA and Barajas airport.  In the rooms the guests will always find services according to their needs, Wifi connexion, modern beds, elegant furniture with work space or a desk, sound systems, TV, and complete bathrooms with amenities. In the public rooms there is a gymnasium, lounges, lounges for events and meetings, personalized service, reservations of theatre seats, transportation, reception, daily newspapers, restaurant, parking and everything that one may desire when away from home.


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