The renovation of the Plaza de las Glorias in Barcelona

If you are a person who travels frequently to the city of Barcelona, for sure you have passed by more than once: the Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas which is the meeting place for three of the principal streets of the Cuidad Condal, the exclusive Gran Via, la Meridiana and the Diagonal.

With the striking Torre Agbar among the distinguished buildings, the Plaza de las Glorias.

Torre Agbar en Barcelona
Torre Agbar en Barcelona

is an important financial centre, in the Sant Marti district, linked to avant-garde technology which is now about to become the vital core of design in the city and is the place chosen to house the Barcelona Design Museum (Disseny Hub Barcelona) which up to now occupied the Palacio de Pedralbes.

Nearby to the square is Cuitadella Park with its emblematic Triumph Arch and the Barcelona Zoo and descending in a straight line to the sea, the visitor will find the Villa and the olympic port, the Nova Icaria beach and a little further on, next to various business hotels of Barcelona and the metro Llacuna, the seaside park of Poble Nou.

Historically designed to be one of the nerve centres of Barcelona, the Plaza de las Glorias serves to connect the area of the historical centre with the newer areas such as Forum, la Ronda Litoral and further along Badalona.

Hotel Confortel Barcelona
Hotel Confortel Barcelona

New Face

In the middle of November the Town Hall of Barcelona started the work to reorganize  the distribution of surface traffic which will mean the eventual destruction of the actual ring road of the Plaza de las Glorias.  The town hall have calculated that the work will continue up to at least March.

The prevision is that in 2015 they will build a tunnel under the plaza that will connect to the Gran Via and above this there will be a large park that will change the face of this vital financial area of Barcelona to one more user friendly.

Confortel Barcelona hotel
Confortel Barcelona hotel

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