Autumn discounts in city hotels

We are in autumn and there is nothing better to fight the last effects of the post-holiday syndrome, than choosing a weekend or a few days around a bank holiday and visit one of the main cities in Spain. Limited budget? September has been a hard month? Relax, prices to travel between November and February are now more affordable than ever. With the end of the high season, some of the city hotels of Madrid and Barcelona have launched very interesting discounts for their online reservation for all those that look to make an autumn escapade.

The advantage of these discounts, higher if you book well in advance, is that besides offering a good price it allows us the opportunity to visit many hotels that are usually well above our normal budget. For example, it is possible to book a 4 star hotel in Barcelona or a design hotel in Serrano street in Madrid from 60 euros a night.

Port of Barcelona
Port of Barcelona

The only condition is to book through their official websites. They are exclusive online prices since the main city hotel chains in Spain are strengthening their direct online sales and they keep their best rates for their direct online clients. Whatever the online booking websites say.

To get the maximum discount in hotels, as well as booking as far in advance as possible, it is interesting to participate in client fidelity programs. Some offer up to a 5% discount on all their hotels in the centre of Barcelona, simply by subscribing to their newsletter. Others, go even further and throughout the year they make offers for hotel rooms in Madrid of up to 20% cheaper for early booking.

Some advice:

Read thoroughly all offer conditions as some of the most interesting are usually non-refundable, so you have to be very sure of the dates and know that, if something happens you will not be able to cancel the reservation and will be charged.


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